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PicTrove Pro - easy image search If you spend a lot of time on Social Networks, then you have probably faced the problem of choosing a good picture for a post more than once. It is not very convenient to do this on iPhone through a browser, and there are not so many really good applications for such purposes. picTrove Pro is a program for iPhone specially designed for this purpose. And I must say, it copes with its task perfectly. PicTrove Pro - easy image search PicTrove Pro - easy image search You can search in all services at once, or you can choose a specific one from the list. Let's take Flickr as an example. By the way, sorting by several parameters is also available: Relevant (most relevant), Interesting (most popular) or Recent (by date). Just a few seconds, and here's the result – there were as many as 8,711,038 photos! And that's just one service. Imagine how many interesting pictures you can find if you run a search in all at once. The picture you like can be sent by email, copied to the clipboard or saved to your device. Also, you can go to viewing other photos of the user, his favorites, and a number of other interesting options. PicTrove Pro - easy image search PicTrove Pro - easy image search There is even a built-in photo editor with more than serious features. You can edit the image, apply various special effects to it, apply filters, draw, remove defects, and, of course, save the result. PicTrove Pro - easy image search An example of similar results in global search, you can see below. Best of all, the results are updated in real time! Here's something, but I have not yet met such a feature in any application. PicTrove Pro - easy image search picTrove Pro is a unique application that gives the user access to almost the entire collection of photos from free online sources in the world. It costs a lot, and this price is unlikely to be justified if you buy it purely for aesthetic pleasure. But for site owners, bloggers, illustrators and other people who actively use various photo content in their work, such a purchase will be really justified. The app is well worth the money.

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