Play on words – test your vocabulary! [Free]

Play on words - test your vocabulary!  [Free] Do you have a large vocabulary? Don't know … Do you want to check? – for this App Store even has a special app for iPhone 'Wordplay'. As you probably already guessed, 'Wordplay' is an analogue of 'Erudite'. I suggest running the application and looking at its functional capabilities. Wordplay does not work without an internet connection, as it involves playing online. Also, for the application to work, you need to 'enter' the game through the social networks Vkontakte, Facebook or via E-mail. If there are no accounts, then you can register directly in the game. Play on words - test your vocabulary!  [Free] We are faced with a choice, since the game has three modes: play with friends via VK or FB, you can play with a random opponent, but if you really can't wait to play, then you should choose the 'in turn' mode. There are also some settings here, namely the settings of the playing field and language. Play on words - test your vocabulary!  [Free] Now let's move to the playing field and see what awaits us there. 'Wordplay' assumes the presence of two players, who will take turns filling the playing field of 15×15 squares with words. Words are made up of letters that you get in random order. For each word you get points, which depend on the 'value' of the letter. I must say that if you use letters that are already placed on the field before the start of the game, you get more points. Play on words - test your vocabulary!  [Free] The field is small, and for the convenience of placing letters, you can zoom in on a certain part of the field by double-tapping on the screen. Play on words - test your vocabulary!  [Free] If you are not satisfied with the letters, you can change them. Play on words - test your vocabulary!  [Free] On the top left there is an exit to the menu. And there are several positions. Let's start with the first and this is the list of games. Play on words - test your vocabulary!  [Free] The list displays all the games you played, as well as the invitations that you have sent or sent you. Next is the score table. There, as you understand, all the points scored by various participants for the entire time of the game are displayed. The statistics section displays the results of your game in the application. Play on words - test your vocabulary!  [Free] There is also a 'profile' section, which displays the account through which you entered the application. Only sound effects can be adjusted in the settings. And, although there is no internal store in the application, the developers still found something that users are willing to pay for. This is the deactivation of ads. If you do not know the rules of the game, the 'help' will help you. Play on words - test your vocabulary!  [Free] Well, if you want to test your vocabulary, then Word Play is for you. Group in Facebook Group on Twitter Group Vkontakte

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