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Program  Program  After WWDC`12, the world conference Apple for developers, a native Apple application for iPhone appeared in the AppStore, which no one expected at all. Moreover, it happened quite quietly and calmly. As a result, many users of iOS – devices could remain in the dark. Therefore, today a story about the Podcasts program, released Apple. Everyone knows about podcasts from the iTunes menu. I myself listened to them several times, but did not reach constant use. The Podcasts program is a different story. Here you are not distracted by anything other than the videos themselves. This saves a lot of time and does not require unnecessary movements. The main menu is nothing special. A small Catalog button is hidden at the bottom left of the screen. By clicking on it, the user enters the iTunes Store, from where he can download most of the podcasts for free. Once you select a podcast that interests you, you can download either a separate episode or subscribe to the artist, after which you can download all of his new episodes. Everything happens pretty quickly and efficiently. After subscribing to the artist, it is not necessary to download all the videos at once: you downloaded what you liked, or deleted what you did not need (you need to slide your finger over a separate podcast from left to right and click Delete). Program  Podcasts are placed on the main screen under the covers, clicking on which, you will receive a complete list of videos, as well as some information about the podcast itself. If you liked what you listened to, share it with your friends via Twitter, Mail or a message in iMessages. For each podcast, you can configure an important option – automatic download of new episodes, which is convenient if you have unlimited Internet or Wi-Fi connection. Program  An interesting feature of the application is the view during playback. Old-fashioned film rewinding system with the ability to change the playback speed. All of this is not just animation: the empty reel is actually wound with film from another reel. Quite unusual. Another, as it seems to me, important function is sleep mode. You can set a timer to turn off playback after a certain time. After falling asleep, the application itself will stop playing music, and you will continue to watch dreams. Many people point out that Podcasts don't fit into app design Apple. To be honest, I do not understand this, since I am very pleased with the application and its rich features. Install from AppStore

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