– legal guide [free] - legal guide [free] - legal guide [free] Anyone who works in the field of law or just has his own business knows that the law is sacred. And to do business “without a hitch without a hitch” you need the necessary legislation, necessary for work, to know, or at least have it with you. Agree – it is not very convenient to store all documents on a computer. What if you need to turn to some code or Federal Law right away? You will not take out your laptop and watch on the go. Or you will. But now you don't have to think about a laptop, because we have – a program for iPhone, which contains everything you need. - legal guide [free] And indeed it is. When you enter the program, you can see for yourself – there are even decisions of the Arbitration Court here. If, when you try to enter any column, you see a sign “check your Internet connection”, then do not be alarmed – the program only needs it in order to download all the documents. - legal guide [free] In order for the program to offer you to download the database, you need to go to several headings that interest you. But it's better to go to all – the application will download the database of the categories that you have visited. - legal guide [free] Also, one of the moments that deserve to be highlighted is the updating of documents. After downloading the main database, the program will also offer to download the update of all documents. But here we come with a small negative point – why not download the most current versions of documents right away, when you first download the documents? So when you start using the program, be prepared to endure more than one download, but several, and the second download is an update of 1696 documents, that is, it will be long and tedious to update. But this unpleasant moment is covered by the excellent speed, design and user interface of the program. For example, if you are interested in documents not from Moscow, but, for example, from Adygea, then just go to “Settings” and select Region / Region / City and that's it, all documents will be adjusted to your choice. - legal guide [free] As a result, is an excellent assistant in the matter of law. And for people who are constantly working in the legal field, this is definitely a must have. Good luck!

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