Price Meter – Mobile Buyer's Guide at iPhone [Free]

Price Meter - Mobile Buyer's Guide at iPhone [Free]

I remember a long time ago, at the dawn of the Internet, the site was popular, where you could compare prices for computer components and choose a company where it is cheaper.

“Soon,” – the creator of the project shared his thoughts: “You will come to the store, select the appropriate product, touch it, talk to the seller and then in your mobile phone ask a search to find the same but cheaper. And the programs will be given by the nearest stores, the price and stock availability “. It was in 1999, they waited.

Price Meter - Mobile Buyer's Guide at iPhone [Free]

Now such programs are not surprising. Mobile apps have become a common necessity.

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Program for iPhone – Cenometer fully implements what was described above.

Plus, the ability to scan the bar code of the product using the phone's camera was added, which makes it much easier to enter information for search.

In addition, customer reviews can be read for almost every product and store. Leave your opinion and even adjust the price and product description.

The program maintains its own database, if the product is not found in it, then the Cenometer will search for it in Yandex Market, Products and other search engines.

The program is free. Requires mobile internet to work.

Price Meter - Mobile Buyer's Guide at iPhone [Free]

Install from AppStore: Cenometer

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