ProCamera: more buttons and effects

ProCamera: more buttons and effects

According to the developers, ProCamera is almost identical analogue of professional digital cameras :). Whether this is really so, each user has to be convinced in practice. But the app does come with many unique features that are often missing from other apps that position themselves as analogs to digital cameras for iPhone.

The application works on all generations of iphone including iphone 4s.

The maximum quality of digital images and the ability to detail small objects is a seemingly unattainable dream for mobile phone users, which the ProCamera application successfully brings to life.

The program has a number of features that will surely make even a skeptic believe in the usefulness and functionality of ProCamera. Among the main advantages of using:

ProCamera: more buttons and effects

1) Typical timer and zoom options are equipped with an innovation called 'Anti-shock' to eliminate the source of interference and thus 'stabilize' the picture for a clearer picture. It even supports the ability to overlap the horizon line to align the picture.

2) In conjunction with the 'sister application' Clarifi, the ProCamera user will be able to increase the details of the images several times, as well as use the 'macro shooting' option.

3) An excellent night shooting mode makes it possible to shoot even in a very poorly lit room or at night outdoors, with virtually no loss in picture quality. And photos that seem blurry can be made clearer using the built-in accelerometer.

4) Ability to switch from one mode to another directly during shooting.

5) Customize modes for your own preferences, including the quick photo mode.

6) Sending received photos to friends on Facebook or Twitter.

ProCamera: more buttons and effects

Verdict: An inexpensive app (only $ 2 on iTunes) that has the capabilities of a semi-professional, if not professional, digital camera that allows you to take photos in high resolution and with maximum detail.

Developer: Jens Daemgen

Current version: 3.5

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires at least iOS 4.2.

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