Processing photos on Iphone, new ideas [Free]

Processing photos on Iphone, new ideas [Free] Several free programs to cheer yourself up and your friends. In order not to postpone funny ideas for processing photos, you can immediately implement them using these applications.

Comic touch

With the Comic Touch app, you can create a comic strip of photos right on your phone. Launch the app, take a new photo, or select a ready-made one from your albums, and then add word bubbles for the newly baked character, just like in comics. You can choose different types of clouds – for replicas, thoughts, sounds, – place them in any desired place on the photo, adjust the shape. After double-clicking on the bubble, enter the desired text, set the font size and color theme. Processing photos on Iphone, new ideas [Free] In addition to the speech bubbles of your comic book characters, you can add windows with the author's text, as well as add a funny fish-eye effect to any area of ​​the image. The created comic can be saved as a photo and sent by e-mail. Comic Touch is supported by Iphone and Ipad, compatible with iOS 4.0 and higher. There is both a free Lite version and a full $ 2.99 version with a lot of funny effects. Install from AppStore


Oldbooth app will appeal to fans of retro style. It can be used to create a portrait in the style of the 20s. Choose a photo or take a fresh photo of a buddy, then choose a template from the Oldbooth collection to match. With a couple of light finger movements, match a familiar face to your new hairstyle and clothing – and enjoy the effect. You may even want to change your look and style, or just put a funny retro photo on your friend's call. The free Lite version only offers 4 versions of male and female black and white portraits from the past, while the full version for $ 1.99 offers more than sixty photos to choose from. Processing photos on Iphone, new ideas [Free] All of them can be viewed in the free version first, without buying the full one. The program runs on Ipod touch, iphone and Ipad with firmware version 3.2, weighs 15Mb. Install from AppStore

Pici booth

And with the Pici Booth app you can have a lot of fun like in a real photo booth. Take several shots in a row, and the program composes a storyboard from them like on a film strip – everyone's favorite charming trick! Such a collage can be adjusted for three or four frames, and then edited using different filters: sepia, black and white, vintage, retro. Processing photos on Iphone, new ideas [Free] The finished series of photos can be immediately sent by mail, uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or public galleries, or simply saved to an album on your device. The program is completely free, however, for this you have to watch a little ad before you see the result of your posing in the 'photo booth'. Pici Booth works on Iphone, Ipad 2 wi-fi and Ipad 2 wi-fi + 3G, as well as the fourth generation Ipod Touch, requires firmware above 4.0. Install from AppStore

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