“PROGOROD” – new version

"PROGOROD" - new version

"PROGOROD" - new version

An updated version of the program for iPhone – “Progorod” has recently been released. So, a fairly powerful car navigator has been replenished with new functions. However, there are practically no external changes related to the interface. Everything is inside. Let's see what has changed in the application regarding the previous review.

After installing the application for free, download the map of the desired region. It should be noted that the updated version adds more than 20 new cities with a detailed road network. Progorod was one of the first navigators to use three-dimensional maps. Nothing has changed here. The maps are detailed, with a three-dimensional display of buildings. This allows you to navigate the terrain much faster, thanks to better visual perception.

By analogy with mobile Yandex maps, the Geoblogs service has been added to the navigator. Each user can mark an event on the road and accompany it with a text comment. All events and messages are immediately available to all users for viewing and discussion. A sort of geo twitter.

"PROGOROD" - new version

But the main changes affected the strategy of building a route taking into account the road situation. The routing algorithm has changed coordinatewise.

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What is it, let's try to figure it out.

Conventional plug-in services to display information about road congestion operate only with average speeds of transport on any section of the road. And if the average speed is less than the threshold values, then the road section is painted in one color or another.

"PROGOROD" - new version

This way of working with plug data is simple, but ineffective. For example, on a narrow street because of the cars parked along the sidewalk, movement is not possible at a speed of more than 10 km / h. And in this case, other traffic jam services will paint this road red, indicating that there is a traffic jam on it and it is better not to go along it. But in fact, there is no one else on the road except you.

"PROGOROD" - new version

The new LOS algorithm shows a real picture of what is happening on the roads. And you can drive and plan your time even when other cork services show 10 points. Perhaps, “Progorod” currently operates with the most reliable information about the congestion of the streets, which is very important in big cities.

The application is fully functional for a trial period of 30 days. If you like the navigator, you can pay 1129 rubles and get an unlimited license renewal.

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