Pull My Tongue – feed the creature

Pull My Tongue - feed the creature Pull My Tongue is a game for iPhone, which once again proves that interesting mechanics, convenient gameplay and intuitive controls are the hallmarks of a really good game. Of course, developers will have different priorities in each genre, but when it comes to puzzles, this will be true for most of them. Meet an addicting puzzle game in which it all comes down to one single goal – to feed the eternal hungry, but cute and inventive chameleon Greg. Our character's favorite treat is popcorn. But getting to the cherished piece is not at all easy, even taking into account the 'unique physics and plasticity of the language', as the developers assure us. In total, there are 5 different locations available. Initially, this will be a kitchen, but to open the rest, you will have to earn stars, which are counted for each achievement of the goal. Pull My Tongue - feed the creaturePull My Tongue - feed the creature And since our goal is a piece of popcorn, everything becomes clear and simple. You need to stretch the chameleon by the tongue, going around places with bonus stars and various game elements along the way. With each level there will be more of them – thorns, electric fields, chewing gum, balloons and other interesting things. Pull My Tongue - feed the creaturePull My Tongue - feed the creature The tongue, by the way, must reach along the shortest path, otherwise, Greg will turn purple from the effort, make a few strange sounds and pull him back. Considering that there are 15 levels in each location, it just looks easy at first. Then, more and more additional conditions appear, and you finally understand that it is really the puzzle in front of you. To interest you more, the game has several secret levels that open when you accumulate a sufficient number of bonuses. Pull My Tongue has simple gameplay, and the quality of the cartoon graphics, no complaints. It may seem too simple to some players, with which I partially agree. But at the same time, it is an enjoyable and relaxing puzzle game for those who just want to pass the time with pleasure.

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