Punch Club – Street Fighter Simulator

Punch Club - Street Fighter Simulator Punch Club is a game for iPhone, which should be paid attention not so much to fans of fighting simulators as to fans of old school RPGs. A kind of mix of management, management in the style of Sims and turn-based strategy … At the very beginning, you will be told a sad story, how it all began. Once upon a time, you and your brother witnessed the murder of your father, after which you were separated from your brother. Before your father died, you promised him that you would train yourself to one day be ready to one day make his killer answer for everything. And since then, the gym has become your second home. Punch Club - Street Fighter Simulator The immediate eye-catching highlight of Punch Club is the retro atmosphere created by the combination of pixel art and 90s action-style storytelling. Some readers who remember this time will probably note this too. The musical accompaniment itself immediately seems very familiar, and only then you realize that this is the same sound that sounded from the TV when you and your friends connected a game console to it. Punch Club - Street Fighter Simulator When you wake up at home, you will begin your usual routine – breakfast, workout, work. Get used to it, it will be like this all the time, and, as in real life, you have to pay for everything. For example, choose to spend time and walk (6 kilometers), or spend money (which you hardly have) and take the bus. Punch Club - Street Fighter Simulator Of course, there were some adventures, and now, upon exiting the bus, we are already entering the first battle! From which, however, our hero successfully emerges as a winner, since he trained constantly. Punch Club - Street Fighter Simulator All this was watched by our acquaintance, with a conversation with whom after the battle, and the further development of the plot begins. And I must say, the dialogues and behaviors of the characters are really interesting, and remind all the same, good old Hollywood action films from the 90s. And the development of the hero can be observed in the best traditions of RPG games. Punch Club - Street Fighter Simulator Punch Club - Street Fighter Simulator However, everything would be fine if the Punch Club developers did more work on the game balance. Work, making money for food and constant training – that's how, in three words, you can describe what you have to do 90% of the time. But, if such a harsh pace of life and the price tag of 379 rubles does not scare you, it may well be worth considering buying. After all, the game is really interesting, just, as they say, for an amateur.

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