Qik – video broadcast from iPhone

Qik - video broadcast from iPhoneCydia now has another program for broadcasting videos to the endless expanses of the Internet directly from your iphone. I have already described a similar FlixWagon before. The principle of operation is the same. Install the application, register immediately upon launch and get an account on the Qik website. Now press the broadcast button, and everyone can see your video on the service website. Unlike FlixWagon, the program has a special menu where you can set the broadcast parameters: sound, comments and privacy. And the video capture area is larger, almost the entire screen. Qik maintains an archive of all your broadcasts. It is possible to insert the player code into any web page. In general, a video phone is already a reality. The program is installed from Cydia Qik - video broadcast from iPhoneQik - video broadcast from iPhoneQik - video broadcast from iPhone

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