QuickSMS is a program for sending SMS from iPhone.

QuickSMS is a program for sending SMS from iPhone. QuickSMS is a special program designed to send messages from iPhone. QuickSMS differs from standard applications in quite new features. In particular, sending any SMS from correspondence, calling with hot keys, forwarding contacts, setting passwords, completely deleting SMS, disabling auto-correction, templates, etc. Using QuickSMS greatly facilitates sending SMS from iphone and allows you to simply send any messages. The main difference from other SMS clients of the QuickSMS program is that it is embedded in the springboard. As a result, the download of the program occurs very quickly, almost instantly. At the same time, the QuickSMS program can be launched over an already running program. It is quite easy to launch QuickSMS on top of an already running application. To do this, press the key that adjusts the volume of the sound. This key will launch the QuickSMS program. And if you just want to adjust the volume, then press the key again. The program will not start, but you adjust the sound. QuickSMS is a program for sending SMS from iPhone. QuickSMS looks like a classic chat. You can forget about the usual incoming and outgoing messages, as the developers of the QuickSMS program focused on increasing the functionality. They, in fact, developed the idea of ​​an additional keyboard, which made it possible to include delivery reports, as well as send SMS on a schedule. It often happens that a message cannot be sent for various reasons. In this case, the program will automatically resend the undelivered message every five minutes. In QuickSMS, emoticons are added by default. The program can be divided into 4 sections: SMS, deferred, QuickBoard, passwords. As mentioned above, the sms section on iPhone looks like a chat. In this chat, SMS can be sent, saved, deleted, quoted. Extended keyboard functionality allows you to insert emoji emoticons, insert text from contacts, send messages on a schedule. Existing templates can be edited and new ones can be added. QuickSMS is a program for sending SMS from iPhone. In the “Delayed” section, there are SMS scheduled for sending or not delivered SMS. The third section “Passwords” is available if you use a sequential version of the program that will ensure confidentiality of correspondence for iphone. This section shows the subscribers with whom encrypted correspondence is being conducted. The fourth section of QuickBoard allows you to set parameters for various QuickSMS applications. QuickSMS is a very handy application for any iphone and QuickSMS is one of the best messaging programs. Sending messages is simple, the program loads quickly and is easy to use. The advantage of the program is that the sms section on iPhone looks like a chat. If you choose a program for sending messages, then the best option is, of course, QuickSMS.

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