Quip – multi-user text editor [Free]

Quip - multi-user text editor [Free] Almost all of us have to use a text editor in our work: some for work, and some for personal purposes. Former employees Google Bret Taylor and Kevin Gibbs believe that all modern text editors are outdated, as they are no different from products that were thirty years old. Therefore, they founded the company that released the unique Quip text editor, which is available for free in the AppStore. The uniqueness of Quip lies in the fact that it was primarily designed for collaborative editing of text files … Quip - multi-user text editor [Free] The trick is that several people can work on the same document at once, while all changes will be synchronized in real time, the program can also work offline, when connected to the Internet, it will automatically replace all fragments with newer ones. Quip - multi-user text editor [Free] After the first launch of the program, you will need to either register or log in through your account, in the future you can synchronize your documents with all your devices, including your computer. Quip - multi-user text editor [Free] After creating a document, you have many options for formatting text, all options are located above the keyboard. For example, you can insert tables, pictures, rich text, checkboxes and much more. Quip - multi-user text editor [Free] After creating a document, you can add users to it who will have access to it, you can also share a link to the document itself on the Internet. The program also implements a chat with other users of the system. Quip - multi-user text editor [Free] The program is perfect, for example, to create a shopping list. One user creates a task at home, and another in the store deletes it. Another advantage of the program is that it is free, and the disadvantages include the fact that the user cannot save the document, for example, in Word format.

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