Radio Alarm – radio alarm clock in iPhone

Radio Alarm - radio alarm clock in iPhone The program is intended as a replacement for the built-in alarm clock in iPhone. Reminiscent of the radio clock from the movie Groundhog Day. At the appointed time, instead of standard ringtones, the Internet radio station turns on. In addition to the preset stations, it is possible to set your own broadcast source. But I do not recommend using this application. If at the moment of switching on for some reason there is no signal, then you will not hear anything. There is no backup option. In addition, when the display is turned off iPhone, wi-fi is turned off, that is, the alarm will not work either. When you close the program, the alarm goes off completely. The only way to make everything work is to remove the limit on the time the display turns off in the phone settings and leave the program active. However, in this mode, the battery will not last long. You will have to plug in the power or dock the phone. But here, too, an ambush, the clock screen displays information only in horizontal mode. To see the time, you will have to tilt your head to the left 90 degrees. Radio Alarm - radio alarm clock in iPhone

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