“Radio” – internet radio for iPhone [Free]

"Radio" - internet radio for iPhone [Free] "Radio" - internet radio for iPhone [Free] A huge plus of Internet radio is the variety of genres that the developer of such an application can offer. This is the application with the self-explanatory name “Radio”. First of all, I would like to note its design. The app icon fits perfectly on the home screen. For some perfectionists, this may be important. We open the application: we are greeted by the layout of the choice of the category of interest. A total of 20 categories + two, in which you can add your favorite radio stations or songs (category 'favorites' and 'marked songs'). "Radio" - internet radio for iPhone [Free] Further from top to bottom are the rest of the names of the selections by radio genre. At the moment, there are 292 radio stations in the application. At the request of users, the creators of the application are ready to add one or another station. "Radio" - internet radio for iPhone [Free] Any connoisseur and music lover will be able to appreciate the diversity of genres and music that the creators of this application offer us for iPhone. From classical music and news to Old Radio and Hardcore radio. For those nostalgic about Mario and Battletoads or just fans of 8-bit music, 8 Bit FM is a real treat. Each favorite station can be separately “written” to your favorites, so that you can easily find it later. Most radio stations have a picture with their names. The program has the ability to save a song you like to iPhone, but it is paid once in the amount of 66 rubles. "Radio" - internet radio for iPhone [Free] I would recommend this Internet radio to all those who love to listen to music and discover something new for themselves in a huge variety of musical genres and directions.

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