Read It Later – bookmarking service and offline reader [Free]

Read It Later - bookmarking service and offline reader [Free] iPhone not the most convenient gadget to read. But while surfing the Internet, you often come across interesting articles, blogs or books that you really want and need to read – but later, and perhaps not on iPhone. The Read It Later app is a great way to save and organize all the materials you find on the web so that you can read them later either on iPhone when offline, or on your computer using a link from a bookmarking service. Before you start using the program, you will have to go through a quick registration procedure in the service, then, following a simple instruction, install the Bookmarklet in Safari or another web browser of yours iPhone. Bookmarklet is a special button: when pressed, the web page is not added to bookmarks, but is saved in the device's memory entirely. Then everything is simple. Having met an article and a post on the Internet that you want to read later, click on the bookmark icon in your browser and select the one called 'Read it Later' – in fact, the bookmarklet itself. Read It Later - bookmarking service and offline reader [Free] Read It Later - bookmarking service and offline reader [Free] Wait for the window with the message that the file has been saved – that's it, the text got into the Reading List (on the first page of Read It Later), you can read it whenever you want. Be careful with the red checkmark at the bottom of the screen – clicking it marks the text as read and it is automatically deleted. If you turn off the Auto-pick Best View parameter in the program settings, then before adding the site to the reading sheet, the application will ask whether to save the full version of the page with all the pictures or only the text optimized for reading (to save traffic). The application also has other convenient functions for working with pending reading texts: adding tags, sorting, searching by titles, tags and links, editing, updating a saved page. Most importantly, all links saved by the bookmarklet can be viewed at To enter, use the username and password that you specified when registering with RIL at the very beginning. You can save materials for later review not only from a web browser, but also from a computer and various i-applications. To do this, you will have to purchase the paid version of Read It Later Pro for $ 2.99. The application is suitable for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch c iOS version 3.1 and higher. Install from AppStore

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