Red Battle – World War III [Free]

Red Battle - World War III [Free] Fortunately, you and I, dear friends, live in peacetime, however, if you still want to get a certain amount of adrenaline, then welcome to App Store, where our Chinese friends have posted an application especially for you for iPhone “Red Battle”. I would like to say right away that the toy will appeal to all fans of all kinds of “farm” simulators. You will also be delighted with the design and graphics of the game – very bright and juicy, and an appropriate and pleasant soundtrack. Red Battle - World War III [Free] “Red Battle” is not a very friendly prehistory – the third world war came and how evil it was you and me (the players) were in the very center of events. By the way, here the developers have thought out some of the nuances and all residents of Europe, America, China, Japan, Asia and so on can fight in the game, within the same server. You only need to register and have access to the network. Since we are dealing with a game of a “farm” type, then, as you understand, the main task in the application will be the construction of buildings, the development of territories, the creation of an army and the training of soldiers – a game on a military theme, no matter how. Red Battle - World War III [Free] You also have to perform a number of not tricky tasks, for example, how to reflect the enemy's attack, thanks to which you can accelerate the development of your army. Red Battle - World War III [Free] Of course, at the first launch, you will find prompts at every step 🙂 But I must say that playing “Red Battle” is not difficult (as well as other games of a similar genre), largely due to the accessible interface. Only on iPhone the menu icons seem small, and the playing field looks like you are looking at it from an airplane. It is much more convenient to play on iPad. Red Battle - World War III [Free] The game provides for internal purchases – how fashionable it is now. In the store you can buy the required number of medals, with the help of which you will then be able to purchase new fighters or weapons. Red Battle - World War III [Free] In general, the toy turned out to be interesting and colorful. Real gamers will love it 🙂

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