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Redigo - travel with pleasure [Free] Do you like to travel? I think the bulk of the population will answer this question positively. Each of us had to face a number of difficulties when preparing for the next trip – buying a guidebook, phrasebook, searching for various useful information, and so on. It's great that there is a App Store who does not stop caring about us and brings to our attention an application for iPhone 'Redigo', containing all the useful information that may come in handy on a trip. The application is designed to help tourists not get lost in a strange city and find a common language with the locals. For this, Redigo provides 4 modes that can be switched on the bottom panel of the phone: 'guide', 'favorites', 'phrasebook', 'euro rate'. Conveniently, the application does not require a permanent Internet connection, since a lot of information is already contained in the application. Redigo - travel with pleasure [Free] The guide contains detailed information on a very large number of countries. I think that the probability that you will not be able to find your country of destination in the list is zero. We simply select the country that interests us and upload information about that country. Redigo - travel with pleasure [Free] Moreover, Redigo will even give us the necessary information on visas and rules for staying in a new country. The guide is also subdivided into 'all countries' and 'favorites'. Those countries or sights that caught our attention are added to favorites. Redigo - travel with pleasure [Free] Redigo is a kind of electronic guide that is always at hand. The application will always tell you which attraction is worth visiting, where to eat and even how to get to the place of interest using built-in maps. Redigo - travel with pleasure [Free] If you do not know how to get to your destination, you can simply get directions and the application, like a navigator, will lead you to the place! a very convenient system, but unfortunately, here you have to splurge a little on the Internet. The developers, as they say, wisely, approached the development of the phrasebook. Although the stock of languages ​​is not very large – only 6 – this is quite enough to be able to communicate with the locals. Redigo - travel with pleasure [Free] In addition to the fact that the phrasebook contains an extensive stock of useful phrases, it is also presented in pictures. So you can be sure that you will be understood correctly. Redigo - travel with pleasure [Free] Also a very useful section is the 'euro tariff'. It contains information about roaming and local tariffs for communication. A very convenient and useful thing! Redigo - travel with pleasure [Free] Perhaps that's all. Simple and very helpful. Download Redigo and travel with pleasure!

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