Rev – access to the car engine

Rev - access to the car engine

Another program for checking a car using iPhone. More modest than the earlier described DashCommand, but it can also completely replace engine diagnostics in a car service. To work, you need a transmission device given to a smartphone via wi-fi like a wi-fi OBD-2 cable

Here are the parameters that the program reads through the OBD-2 interface

Measuring engine power

Vehicle speed

RPM turns

Fuel consumption

Turbocharging pressure

Engine coolant temperature

Fuel pressure

Estimated engine load

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Throttle positions

Intake manifold pressure

Engine inlet air temperature


Fuel level

Atmosphere pressure

Besides the fact that the program reads error codes from the engine, it is also possible to reset the “Check Engine”.

For racers and statistics lovers, there is a GPS Track mode.

As you travel along the route, you get a drawing showing the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle. Information is presented in color: green corresponds to acceleration, red to deceleration.

Full description of the program in PDF

Rev - access to the car engine

Video of the program:

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