Rhymer – Poems Generator [Free]

Rhymer - Poems Generator [Free] Would you like to pleasantly surprise your friends and loved ones by congratulating them in verses? And not with standard lines, but with a poem dedicated to them? But it is not always possible to formalize your most sincere wishes in beautiful words, and I do not want to be limited to the standard 'Congratulations'. The application “Rhymer – Poems Generator” was created precisely to add poetry to your congratulations. Rhymer - Poems Generator [Free] Rhymer - Poems Generator [Free] Incrdbl Mobile Entertainment has developed an app for iOS devices that allows you to quickly and easily compose an original poem. You just have to choose the parameters based on which it will be generated by the application. To begin with, you should indicate the reason (birthday, declaration of love, gratitude, etc.), the addressee (mother, friend, girlfriend, boss …) and a unique style of congratulations (Classic, Mayakovsky, Shakespeare …). This data will be enough for the application, but if you want to add more certainty and personality, you can note some features of the addressee. For example, age, profession, hobby, name, or physical traits. It is also possible to indicate specific wishes (happiness, good luck, love …), the number of congratulations and the appeal to 'you'. Rhymer - Poems Generator [Free] Rhymer - Poems Generator [Free] After that we press the button 'Receive' – and your poetic congratulation is ready. Note that the 'Rifmator' generates three poems at once. You just have to choose the one you like the most and decide on further actions: you can send it by SMS or e-mail, save, copy and use anytime and anywhere. Or you can place it in Facebook or VKontakte, where your wish will also be beautifully designed. Rhymer - Poems Generator [Free] Rhymer - Poems Generator [Free] All congratulations made in the application will be stored in the 'My poems' section, where they can be viewed and, if desired, sent again. It should be noted that all the parameters you have chosen harmoniously fit into the poems, and congratulations are really targeted and original. The application has the ability to log in to social networks. This will help not only send your poems to VKontakte or Facebook, but also not forget about the birthdays of friends and loved ones. In the settings, you can enable reminders of upcoming celebrations, and in the 'Birthday' section, find out how many days are left until the next holiday. The 'Rifmator' is decorated comfortably and very nicely. There are 4 sections in the main menu. 'Rhymer' – here you select parameters and create a poem. “Birthday” – helps to find out who has a birthday in the near future. 'My Poems' – stores created poems. And 'Profile', where you can find out the balance of poems and replenish it. Rhymer - Poems Generator [Free] Rhymer - Poems Generator [Free] “Rifmator” copes with its tasks perfectly, and it is easy and interesting to work with him. Thanks to the application, you can please your loved ones with beautiful poems, and your congratulations will be remembered for a long time.

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