Riptide GP2 – Summer Water Racing

Riptide GP2 - Summer Water Racing Hello dear readers! Today we are going to talk about a new interesting game that has absorbed many interesting elements in the field of water sports, and most of them are from jet skiing. And the name of this game, which, by the way, “blew up” App Sfore quite well is Riptide GP2. Let's see why this game is so attractive. Riptide GP2 - Summer Water Racing The game offers a large number of interesting and unusual tracks in order to compete in the speed of passage using water transport. You can upgrade this vehicle, buy a new, faster version and buy tricks. Riptide GP2 - Summer Water Racing By the way, there are a lot of tricks and they are all very interesting. In order to complete them, you need to swipe in different directions with two fingers. Throughout the game, you need to do different tricks, otherwise less acceleration will be added. Speaking of him, acceleration in the game gives a fairly powerful leap forward and is the main guarantee of the future first place. The tracks are saturated with a bunch of collars, and you simply won't be able to enter them without a brake, as in arcade Asphalt, for example, and your opponents won't let you just ride without special care. But now about the cons. Riptide GP2 - Summer Water Racing The game has one drawback – it is monotony. Yes, then, after a certain number of races, some kind of a helicopter of the future will shoot at you, but this diversity does not become any more, although for games of this kind, diversity is the main factor. Riptide GP2 - Summer Water Racing As a result, the game turned out to be good and very high-quality made, very good optimization and trouble-free work pleases, but it doesn't cost just its 99 rubles, so I advise everyone to wait for the sale, which will definitely be there. Well, if you are a lover of all water, take it without hesitation, you will definitely like it. Good luck!

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