Rock (s) Rider – biker roll [Free]

Rock (s) Rider - biker roll [Free]  Rock (s) Rider - biker roll [Free]  Many people probably know such motor simulators for iPhone as Trial Xtreme and Motorbike, but we always want to play something new. Today we are going to tell you about the Rock (s) Rider game. In this game you have to ride and perform various stunts on a powerful bike while listening to rock music. Rock (s) Rider - biker roll [Free]  The game features high-quality graphics and great gameplay. You will have to participate in various races. Reach the finish line in the time allotted to you, compete with a cool boss, collect a certain number of stars on the way. For each level, you are given a cash reward, as well as a medal (gold, bronze and silver). The issue of the award is influenced by your passage of the race. To open the next mission, you need to get a bronze reward. Rock (s) Rider - biker roll [Free]  The game controls are quite simple, with the tilted arrows to the left, to the right you control the tilt of the biker, and the arrows on the right side of the screen you change the speed of the motorcycle. You can also customize the controls for yourself. This can be done in Options. There are 7 control options in the game. Rock (s) Rider - biker roll [Free]  Rock (s) Rider - biker roll [Free]  While driving, you may come across various obstacles that you have to overcome, for example, burning gasoline on the road. What's interesting is that during the race you will have several routes, each of which will lead to one finish, for example, if you could not get to the continuation of the road, this does not mean at all that you will have to start the game over. You will be taken to a different route and can continue the mission.

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