Roots Genealogy – creating a family tree

Roots Genealogy for iPhone Roots Genealogy is a iPhone family tree app that makes building a family pedigree an easy to understand and fun task. No need to bother with ingenious schemes, because here relationships between people are built in a few clicks. To start working on creating a family tree, press the button for creating a new project. If desired, at any stage, the progress can be saved and returned to the project at any convenient time. If you wish, you can go through a small interactive lesson to understand the basics of interacting with the program … Roots Genealogy - creating a family tree Roots Genealogy - creating a family tree To add a new person to our family pedigree, you need to click on the icon with the image of a woman or a man in the bottom menu. A window will appear with profile data, which you can fill in at your discretion: name, photo, birthday, place of residence, etc. Roots Genealogy - creating a family treeRoots Genealogy - creating a family tree The interface is quite simple, and it takes just a few minutes to get comfortable with Roots Genealogy. Characters can be deleted by clicking on the trash can icon, and the built-in search simplifies the task of post-editing information. For example, you can quickly add people first, and only then start filling out their biographies. Here's what I got in a couple of clicks: Roots Genealogy - creating a family tree So if you have enough time and enough persistence, using this application you can create a truly expanded family tree, with detailed information on each relative. If desired, the data can be sent for printing or imported into PDF, as well as shared with other people. This functionality is available by clicking on the menu icon in the upper right corner: Roots Genealogy - creating a family tree Roots Genealogy is a rather specific application, and it can only be recommended to those who are really looking for such highly specialized software. The program is easy to use, has good functionality, and will certainly meet your expectations.

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