RosBribe – all bribes of Russia

RosBribe - all bribes of Russia RosBribe - all bribes of Russia Today, as always, while walking through the AppStore, I came across a very entertaining program for iPhone. So, as you already understood, I'm talking about the RosVzyatka program. This application is a client of a resource that collects messages about all sorts of bribes throughout Russia. As you can imagine, the program works over the Internet, and all data is stored on the server. RosBribe - all bribes of Russia The program is quite convenient and intuitive even for beginners. The most important thing in the program is of course it is possible to write your own message about a bribe, but before that you should read the law, maybe your case is not considered a bribe, especially for this, the program has a built-in module of laws on offenses related to bribery of officials, extortion, and so on. RosBribe - all bribes of Russia Considering the program in more detail, it is worth noting the breakdown of bribes by city and by category, which makes it easier to search for reports of violations in a specific area or institution that interests you personally. Another huge advantage of the program is an interactive map on which all bribes and data in the coming days are marked with pictograms. RosBribe - all bribes of Russia RosBribe - all bribes of Russia This application was released a long time ago, but at the beginning of August it received a global update (map and additional cities). As mentioned earlier, the program works via the Internet (updates the 'bribe database'), but it does not require a high connection speed, ordinary 2G will be enough for you. After talking with this application more closely, I can assure readers that the prospects for this program are huge, given the fact that it has become more actively advertised. Now the database contains only a few hundred applications for bribes (I saw so many), but within a short time the database will fill up and everyone will know where and how much to prepare money or where not to even go. The program is supported by IPhone 3GS and higher, if the firmware is higher IOS 4.0.

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