Rule the Kingdom – your own personal kingdom [Free]

Rule the Kingdom - your own personal kingdom [Free] Rule the Kingdom - your personal kingdom [Free] Game Insight studio has recently presented its new creation – Rule the Kingdom. It is worth noting that I have not seen a similar game for iPhone in App Store until this moment. This is a real RPG with strategy elements. It looks interesting and fresh. You are not limited only to your city, where you grow corn and take care of pets. Everything is much more complicated here. You have to move around the map, completing tasks and missions, fight enemies, and still manage to build your own city. Rule the Kingdom - your personal kingdom [Free] Your character is a young king, both a manager and a commander. There is no training as such, but the first few missions are built in such a way that the game itself helps you understand what's what: you are taught to fight, build buildings and collect income from them, hire warriors. In parallel with this, you go through several missions and already on an intuitive level you understand how to cope with the gameplay. Rule the Kingdom - your personal kingdom [Free] The gameplay is very intense. While the harvest is ripening at home, the main character can complete quests, of which there are a large number. Rule the Kingdom is an RPG. Do not think that everything ends only with the banal completion of missions. You can hire yourself an army, but it's rather small: only a few people. And if you're lucky, you can find many useful things on the map that the player can use: we are talking about clothes and weapons that improve the characteristics of the player. To complete the process, magic is integrated into the game, the use of which will improve the chances of winning. Rule the Kingdom - your personal kingdom [Free] In the game, it is better not to waste time on crops and buildings, but to carry out interesting missions, and the rule of a small, at first, city becomes a pleasant addition. Install from AppStore

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