Russification iPhone: options

At the moment I have tested 3 options for making the phone work with Cyrillic. By the degree of difficulty:

Option 1 – Russian project from RipDev

Solves all problems, or creates 🙂 Costs money – 500 rubles. How to do it: Add source to the repository and download the Russian Project (category RipDev). Then you use it for free for several days, then you need to activate it with a code. You can pay with electronic money, credit card or SMS What is in the package:

  • Localization (only for versions 1.1.1 – 1.1.4) – translation of all programs and menu items in the system.
  • Search for contacts – Russian stripe for quick navigation by contacts and auto-breakdown by first letters. The stripe now shows only those letters that you have in your address book!
  • Russian keyboard – allows you to enter SMS, write messages and so on in Russian.
  • Operator logos – replacement of logos for a number of major operators.
  • MarkerFelt is a 'pretty' font for
  • DejaVu is a sleeker, more compact system font. Some localization nuances will look better with DejaVu installed.
  • Identifier of regions – defines the region of those who called you and who are not in the address book (with a base in Russia and Kazakhstan).
  • Correction – corrects the operation of the Weather application in 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 with the Russian regional settings enabled.
  • Correction of operators – removes the sign about call forwarding and sets up EDGE for the three largest Russian operators.

Option 2

Free, but you need to install another Cydia application, an analogue of the installer. Add the repository Install Cydia Launch Cydia. Click “Install” and select the repository iPhone Apps In the repository, run iPhone Apps / Alt. Russian Language Pack 1.1.4 – 0.2 After installing the package for correct operation, you need to restart your phone. If you do not use Russian as the system language, you can disable it through Settings – Localization. Russification contains a package of fixes:

  • Fixed lockdownd: iTunes will no longer require internet connection when connected iPhone
  • YouTube fix: fixes the error connecting YouTube to the server Apple
  • Russian input keyboard v1.2: replacing the French AZERTY layout with the Russian one (without using MobileEnhancer)
  • Dynamic search bar for contacts: display on the search bar only those letters for which there are contacts (by default, there are Latin letters A..Z)
  • Russian sections in the Address Book: fixed the formation of the sorting key for Russian contacts (by default, all Russian contacts go to section 123)
  • Russian sections in iPod: fixed the formation of sections for uppercase Russian letters (by default, all names that start with an uppercase Russian letter fall into segment 123)
  • Search for recipient SMS and Email: fixed search for contacts by first and last name (by default, only those Russian contacts with the last name are found)
  • Weather Fix: the standard application now works with any active language (it did not allow adding a city if the interface language is Russian)
  • Caller ID: a phone number written in the format +7 (095) 123-45-67 will be matched with dialing 8 (095) 123-45-67 for Russia and +38 (067) 123-45-67 with 8 (067) 123- 45-67 for Ukraine (formats are inscribed instead of the USA and Canada, respectively, the rest are unchanged)
  • Smiley set: while holding buttons! and? instead of the preset symbols, a pop-up with emoticons appears:
  • Forwarding fix: the annoying “Forwarding active” window will no longer interfere with an outgoing call, just like “Call forwarded” for an incoming call (changes made in the carrier.plist file will be manually reset)
  • EDGE settings: will no longer disappear from the menu: Settings \ General \ Network

Option 3

Free, but requires some patches. Add repositories: – Service Pack from Darkmen, which includes keyboard, strip in contacts, etc. – interface russification or – alternative interface russification Install Service Pack (category Tweaks 1.1.4) Install Russification 1.1.3-1.1.4 (category RUS – iPhone).

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