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Safex - safe organizer We spoke in passing about user Internet security in our review of PGPTools ransomware, in particular, about the protection of email correspondence. But how to protect the information stored in memory iPhone from unauthorized access? Contacts, notes, photos and files may become the property of third parties, into whose hands, in one way or another (stolen or given voluntarily), your device fell. To prevent this from happening, you can lock the phone with a password, but then you will not let your friends see the 'pictures' and call a passerby. SJ Software Development Group Limited has its own solution to the problem with Safex. Safex - safe organizer As stated by the developer on the app page at App Store, Safex is a secure organizer. An application that protects contacts, photos, notes and even files from unauthorized access. In this case, you do not need to lock the phone with a 4- or 6-digit password. Serious application. Safex - safe organizer In fact, not everything is so simple with Safex. The application does not protect your contacts, photos, notes and files, but allows you to create an independent database. That is, you clone a phone book, notes or copy files and photos to the application database and get access to it only in the Safex interface, which can be protected with a 4-digit password or a fingerprint (on compatible devices). To prevent a third party from having access to contacts, notes or photos, after copying data to Safex, the data must be deleted from the phone book, notes or photographic film and, moreover, manually. Safex - safe organizer First you need to create a profile: specify a name, add a photo, set a password and activate the fingerprint scanner (on compatible devices). You do not need to create a separate account, the developer claims support for syncing with iCloud. Safex - safe organizer Safex - safe organizer Contacts in Safex can be created manually, but the '+' button, or imported from the phone book. Notes cannot be transferred from memory iPhone, you can only create new ones. The photo is copied to the application base without problems, for this you need to allow the application to access the camera. There were no problems with copying documents from Dropbox either. Files can be sent by email. Safex - safe organizer Detailed information can be found on the developer's website

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