Samorost 3 – exciting journeys of the space gnome

Samorost 3 - exciting journeys of the space gnome One of the features of this game is that it is completely unlike anything else. Samorost 3 is a unique product that exists as a separate world that has become the embodiment of the imagination of its truly talented creators. Everything you see here is drawn to the smallest detail. And screenshots of the game could illustrate a textbook on designing alien worlds for beginners … From the very beginning, in a visual form and without unnecessary stories, explain how it actually started. On one small planet, lost somewhere in deep space, lived a little man, his dog and all kinds of other animals. Samorost 3 - exciting journeys of the space gnome And then one day his whole life changed – from somewhere from space, a magic flute landed in his yard, with which you can do amazing things. Or rather, it is on its use that interaction with the game world is built. Near any object that can help you solve the game quests in Samorost 3, a vibrating silhouette of a flute appears on the screen. This means that by approaching him and dragging a musical instrument into the hands of our gnome, you can play a melody and learn something new for yourself. In this game, no one will tell you anything directly, you need to look closely at the details and pay attention to the signs. For example, it took me 20 minutes to build a flying saucer for myself, to move between worlds, to understand what's what. I'll give you a little hint on this, anyway, this is just the beginning of the story:

  • go to the left and click on the edges of the screen to go to a new location;
  • go to the huge bud at the top of the hill and use the flute on it;
  • you will see a vision scene with a flying object, and your hero will madly want to build for himself the same flying saucer;
  • go down the path to go to a new location. There you will see a girl mechanic who is repairing something. Talk to him, it is he who will help you build a spaceship, telling you what details you need to bring.

Samorost 3 - exciting journeys of the space gnome Samorost 3 - exciting journeys of the space gnome Well, then look for answers to your questions yourself. And believe me, there will be a lot of these same questions, because you will be told about the ancient Evil, with which your ancestors fought, and about the fact that the planets on which you travel, in fact, are also the acting characters of this whole story. Samorost 3 - exciting journeys of the space gnome If you are a quest connoisseur, even the rather high price for Samorost 3 will not confuse you. The game is really addictive and captivates with its unique atmosphere, amazing world and plot that is written before your eyes.

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