Scanner Pro 3.1: a portable scanner in your pocket

Scanner Pro 3.1: portable scanner in your pocket

Agree, it would be nice to have a scanner always at hand, especially if you are faced with copying documents at work or school every day. The Scanner Pro app couldn't be easier.

The application is quite popular among iTunes users, so it is updated periodically. And although the new version 3.1. did not add functions, but the existing options were improved. What you can do with Scanner Pro 3.1:

1) Scan and then view documents (including multi-page documents).

2) Send scans of texts or images to friends by email.

3) Upload scanned documents to servers like Dropbox or MobileMe iDisk.

Scanner Pro 3.1: portable scanner in your pocket

4) Wi-Fi and 3G are supported with all the ensuing advantages. In particular, documents from the scanner stored on the phone can be transferred to a PC via Wi-Fi.

5) View scanned documents in high quality. Useful if you've scanned handwritten text and need to read it quickly.

Scanner Pro also allows you to create files in PDF, protect scans with passwords and view files in black and white to reduce size and read text quickly.

Scanner Pro 3.1: portable scanner in your pocket

Scanner Pro makes it simple and easy to scan texts of any complexity in just a few seconds. Convenient and multifunctional application.

Developer: Readdle

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires at least iOS 3.0.

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