Shazam encore

Shazam encore Imagine a situation: you heard a musical composition and really want to know who is performing it in order to listen to it again, but unfortunately, there was no one nearby who knew or could tell you the author of this song. Has this happened to you? Now you have nothing to worry about, Shazam Encore app will help you. How it works? It's very simple – install Shazam Encore on your iPhone and launch the application while playing the song whose title and author you want to know. After thirty seconds, you will see the result – information about the track title, artist and album will appear on the screen of your smartphone. In addition, you can automatically post information about the track you hear in your account in Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Also, thanks to Shazam, you will have access to music recommendations, charts of 'recognizable' songs, as well as a list of tracks that have been recognized by you. The Shazam app is distributed in two versions – a paid version and a free version, which lacks some features and also has a limitation on the number of recognizable tracks.

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