Siberia – the return of the classics

Siberia - the return of the classics One of the best quests for desktop computers from 2002 is now available on the mobile platform iOS. The guys from the publishing house “Buka” are responsible for porting the game, which guarantees gamers high-quality Russian localization. To warm up the interest of fans of the genre, I will say: the game turned out to be great, the same addictive gameplay, decent graphics and sound, all according to the canons of the genre. Siberia - the return of the classics In Siberia, I first played on a PC back in 2002, right after the game was released. Delayed the quest “I don’t want to”, what? First of all, the game stood out from the rest with a gorgeous picture and landscapes: streets, houses, interiors, each new scene caused delight. The gameplay was addictive with its mystery and a large number of challenging puzzles. Siberia was “played” in one breath. Launching a remake on my iPhone 5s I did not think that the developers would be able to transfer the same sensations to the screen of a mobile device, especially since this is not the first attempt, in 2013 Microids released the game in 3 parts, but the series did not take off. Now, having plunged into a long-known world, I can say: Siberia has turned out for iPhone and iPad! Siberia - the return of the classics For those who are not in the subject, Siberia is a fully three-dimensional quest that tells the story of a detective investigation by a young lawyer Kate Walker, who was tasked with signing a sale and purchase agreement for a famous mechanical toy factory owned by the Voralberg family. From a simple case lasting several days, the task turns into a series of mysterious events that, at first glance, do not intersect in any way, but it is the gamer who will have to find answers to difficult questions. Siberia - the return of the classics The plot in Siberia is worthy of all praise, there are events, there are characters, there are dialogues, there are various locations. As you progress, the puzzles and mechanisms to deal with become more and more difficult, do not hesitate to either read or listen to the dialogue in order to have an idea of ​​the events that take place in the game. Siberia - the return of the classics At the time of its release, the 2002 game in terms of the quality of the picture and landscapes gave odds to almost all competitors: houses, statues, street alleys, huge factory halls, all this looks mesmerizing, all this shows the talent of the creators. Sincere thanks to Buka Development for the high-quality Russian track and Russian subtitles, it is really exciting to play in such an implementation. Siberia - the return of the classics If you have iPad at your disposal, play on the larger diagonal – what the doctor ordered. 4.7 “iPhone is clearly not enough to see the details and completely immerse yourself in the gaming atmosphere. Siberia from Buka Development is available in App Store for only 119 rubles, which is not a price tag for such a high-quality project For this money, fans of riddles and puzzles will receive an intriguing plot, a large number of difficult tasks, graphics that even in the current reality looks at the level.The quest is really worth its money, and even if the price tag were 2 times higher, I recommend it all would dare equally.

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