SimplePlanes – aircraft simulator for iPhone and iPad

SimplePlanes - aircraft simulator for iPhone and iPad Despite the fact that in App Store there are already more than one and a half million applications and games for iPhone and iPad, developers still find inspiration and create truly unique projects. One of these, namely a fully three-dimensional construction simulator of aircraft, will be discussed in today's review, welcome to SimplePlanes. SimplePlanes is both a constructor and an aircraft simulator in a fully three-dimensional shell. A distinctive feature of the game is truly unlimited possibilities for creativity. With the help of a huge hardware base, you can easily design and test your own aircraft on your own, it can be either a “corn plant”, or a modern supersonic fighter, or a transport aircraft. SimplePlanes - aircraft simulator for iPhone and iPad Although the app belongs to the “Games” category, its functionality goes far beyond entertainment. The main menu offers a huge number of game modes grouped by purpose: training, competition, sandbox and entertainment. SimplePlanes - aircraft simulator for iPhone and iPad In the training category, you will be taught the basics of aircraft design, will tell and show you what elements an aircraft consists of and how to properly place them so that your aircraft takes off. In addition to the basics of design, you will be shown how to properly take off, land and fly an aircraft in mid-air. SimplePlanes - aircraft simulator for iPhone and iPad The Challenges section allows you to test your own aircraft, help you identify flaws, and refine your creation to perfection. In this game mode, you can test the design of your ship in various situations: on takeoff, landing, in maximum speed mode, dodging enemy missiles and in extreme piloting mode. There are many tasks in the section, the game will tighten fans for a long time. SimplePlanes - aircraft simulator for iPhone and iPad “Sandbox” allows you to create the most unusual aircraft, there are no strict requirements for the design and appearance of the aircraft, create what you want and play as you want, a section for those who do not follow the rules. In addition to the ability to create aircraft on your own, in the game you can download the aircraft of other participants, they are available on the official website when connected to the Internet. You can download planes absolutely free of charge, after loading they become available in your hangar. SimplePlanes - aircraft simulator for iPhone and iPad The controls in the game are no different from the competitors, planes are “cut” with the help of a virtual joystick, the left zone of which is responsible for controlling the engine power, the right one for steering. Remember, an airplane is not a car, it is much more difficult to control it, you have to get used to it. SimplePlanes - aircraft simulator for iPhone and iPad Graphics are clearly not the strongest side of SimplePlanes, to say that it is modern and looks excellent is not necessary, it cannot be compared with the advanced competitors in this regard in the face of Sky Gamblers, and these are different categories. If you love to design and you have free time for this, you will definitely like SimplePlanes: complete freedom of action, no restrictions, a huge hardware platform, realistic physics and many test modes. But for those who are used to enjoying not creativity, but gameplay, the application will seem boring: endless tests and design improvements do not seem interesting. SimplePlanes - aircraft simulator for iPhone and iPad In addition to the graphical shell of the early 2000s, the lack of background music and arcade content, SimplePlanes has another significant drawback – cost. In App Store the app is sold at a price of 279 rubles, which is expensive, the same groovy Sky Gamblers can be purchased for 59 rubles. Despite all this, the cumulative rating of the application in the store Apple is almost full 5 stars, although only 14 ratings once again confirm the specificity of the game.

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