Sine Mora – “Awesome” shooter

Sine Mora - Hello dear readers! Now there is literally a parade of new and interesting hits, which cannot but rejoice! And then came the turn of another hit, which came to the well-known mobile platform iOS from the equally famous XBOX. Meet 'without delay' – that is, from the Latin Sine Mora. Sine Mora - The game is a very beautiful and dynamic 'scrolling shooter'. The most dynamic I've ever met. We have to manage in two spaces, although the whole game is made in full and the most voluminous 3D. We shoot various kinds of flying equipment, flying, by the way, also on the latter, we pick up a bunch of incredible bonuses and hope for luck and evenness of our hands, since at the slightest 'jamb' you will lose all the improvements that you picked up throughout the game. They will recover, but very over time. Sine Mora - The complexity of the gameplay isn't just surprising. Playing, to put it mildly, is very difficult even at the most basic difficulty level, which is called Normal here (yes, you won't see any Easy here). So get ready – in this game you will not be able to relax, as, for example, in Cut the rope. Sine Mora - Of course, there were some flaws. In my opinion, there are two of them – this is a terrible optimization of the game (and it goes without 'brakes' only on iPhone 5) and the fact that the picture of the game itself is made, in fact, a little more than half the screen. Apparently, the developers decided to take this step precisely because of the problematic optimization of the game for a mobile platform. Sine Mora - As a result, I would recommend the game to those who love the flying theme and are mentally prepared for the fact that they will not be able to pass any level the first time and will have to 'sit' at the game. Moreover, your device must be no lower than iPhone 4S, I won't even talk about the good old 4 … and of course 199 rubles. So enjoy it! The game is already in the shared account. Good luck!

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