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Sizer - any size Sizer - any size The Sizer application came to my review. Let's figure out what kind of beast it is. 🙂 The price tag of the application for iPhone stopped at around 66r. The program is a base for memorizing the sizes of clothes, shoes and other things. There is a free trial version available, but I'll still review the fully functional version to understand the entire resource of the paid version of Sizer. At the first launch, we see a small tutorial, made in the form of hints, which helps to understand the essence of the application itself. Sizer - any size After training, the program will offer us to create a new person whose size we want to know. Enter the first name, last name, although you can add a person from the notebook. Next, we enter all the data that needs to be written into the application. Sizer - any size Once entered, the application shows all the dimensions you entered in various international standards. That is, you can clearly see what size, for example, shoes, will suit you in England, Russia or the USA. Sizer - any size It is also worth noting the possibility that you can add an unlimited number of people to Sizer and specify their sizes that you need to remember. Sizer - any size What's the bottom line? A beautifully drawn application with unusual functionality is perfectly implemented. The price tag for such a program is acceptable, but the question of its application remains. Remember the sizes in order to buy clothes for someone abroad as a gift? This is not a frequent activity. Buy clothes online? It would be nice to try it on for a start. Somehow I do not really find frequent use of this program, but taking into account the interface, the availability of a trial version, the quality of workmanship, the Sizer application gets 8 out of 10 from me. Install from the AppStore

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