Sky Combat – Burn, mother fucker, burn!

Sky Combat - Burn, mother fucker, burn! Does the word “helicopter” dilate your pupils, and your brain restlessly gives orders to fly into the air? Then you just need to install the Sky Combat game on your gadget. This game should be played not only because it is now in the TOP-10 App Store in the USA, but also because it is a great, high-quality arcade game that will help pass the time. The toy allows you to feel like a first-class pilot of a combat helicopter, with a bunch of weapons on board. The game captures with a variety of explosions, enemy attacks and other delights of military affairs. Therefore, you cannot play Sky Combat with one hand and drink cola from a can with the other. The enemy simply will not let you do this. If you don't manage to eat while playing, then you will find the magnificent graphics for a couple of seconds. The developer, and this is Chillingo, made a beautiful and colorful virtual world. They also took care of several control options for your combat vehicle. You can twist your iPhone in different directions or control the car with your fingers – that's as convenient for you. Sky Combat - Burn, mother fucker, burn! If it suddenly happens that you will complete all the missions, and the spirit of the battles will not disappear from you, play Sky Combat in endless mode. The game has excellent graphics, comfortable reduction and good music. This is one of the best vertical shooters for iPhone. Install from AppStore

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