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Sky Guide is one of the best astronomical guides for planets, stars, constellations and galaxies. The app is a huge knowledge base about the universe and its contents. It contains comprehensive information about the studied planets, systems and constellations. The source of information is the open Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia, in terms of the amount of information with which no print publication can compete … Sky Guide - star guideSky Guide - star guide Sky Guide will not only display all known information about a star or constellation, but also show it in the starry sky day or night. In order to determine the constellation and get information about it, you do not need to wait until nightfall and a clear sky, Sky Guide will highlight that part of the sky that is available at the moment, even in bright sun, based on your current geolocation. Sky Guide - star guide The application looks very nice, multi-colored stars forming constellations on a dark background are mesmerizing. To obtain information about an object you are interested in, just select it and call up help. The Sky Guide interface is not cluttered with buttons, icons of available functions appear when you tap the screen and do not interfere with the navigation on the sky. Sky Guide - star guide Sky Guide has a search, works very quickly and flawlessly. Objects are grouped into separate categories, so that finding a planet or its specific satellite will not be difficult. Sky Guide - star guide If you are curious or your work or study is somehow related to astronomy, forget about paper literature, Sky Guide will replace them all. The application is universal, available on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch (if available iPhone) and is offered at a price of 129 rubles – for interested users this not a price, for the curious – an opportunity to inexpensively expand their horizons and simply enjoy the beauty of the Universe.

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