Slack – corporate messenger [Free]

Slack - corporate messenger [Free] Today, almost every company uses instant messengers for communication between employees. Most often, preference is given to Skype or Telegram, but there are also WhatsApp and Viber lovers among the bosses. Simply put, they are trying to turn messengers for personal use into corporate ones – with varying degrees of success. The Slack application, created specifically for work communication between employees, helps to significantly simplify communication. This unique messenger provides a huge number of possibilities, which are organically structured at the same time: you won't get confused. In the application, you can quickly brainstorm, exchange working documents or throw a gif with a cat, wishing your colleagues a pleasant morning. Slack - corporate messenger [Free]Slack - corporate messenger [Free] Slack allows you to create multiple channels with different settings. For example:

  • A news channel in which the administrator will write about the working hours, the distribution of projects and other important things. Useful information will not be lost among other work messages if you prohibit responding to everyone except the admin.
  • The main channel for all employees.
  • Separate channels for projects, in which only the employees responsible for them will be located.

Thus, in a couple of hours you can organize a convenient and well-thought-out space for corporate communication. Slack - corporate messenger [Free]Slack - corporate messenger [Free] The app, like Twitter, has a hashtag and mention system. Do you want to contact a specific employee? Type @ and its identifier (for example, @kotofey) at the beginning of the message. Hashtags address the message to the desired channel. Due to the API, the application is integrated into task setting systems and other services. For example, in Adobe Cloud, you can connect Slack to your graphic libraries and after saving to a file in Photoshop, it will automatically change in the manager. The app for iPhone is free, but if you plan to use Slack to communicate with a large number of employees, you will have to fork out for a new plan with an increase in the available channels, members and space for files ($ 6.67 or $ 12.50 per month) . Slack is a really powerful corporate communication platform, but it's not without its drawbacks. So, for some employees, the messenger in English will be too difficult to understand, and it will take time for such people to train. Unfortunately, there is no Russian language in Slack.

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