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Smart Alarm Clock - smart alarm clockContinuing the theme of alarms. A sound sleep is a guarantee of health! Sleep is vital for a person to mobilize strength and restore the body. However, in these times of stress and problems, keeping a good night's sleep can be tricky! The wonderful Smart Alarm Clock application is designed to help in this, which is not only an alarm clock, but also a personal secretary of time. The program uses an intelligent alarm clock that will wake you up at the best time, in a favorable sleep phase. To do this, it tracks the phases and, in accordance with the settings and the algorithm of action, wakes up at the best time! To optimize and maximize sleep, the Smart Alarm Clock includes a function to record unwanted noise, which can be removed during the next sleep! Among the main functions of the application, it is worth noting an algorithm called STrack 2.0, it is he who tracks the beginning, duration and end of the biological phases of sleep. To fall asleep faster, the 'smart alarm clock' has a set of 20 special melodies that will help you quickly fall into a restful sleep. Besides them, you can use the music inside the phone. There are convenient graphs for viewing statistics, and for the analysis of extraneous noise, there is a listening function. Install from AppStore

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