Smash mania – a passion for smashing! [Free]

Smash mania - a passion for smashing!  [Free] Today I bring to your attention an application for iPhone “Smash mania”. If it seems to you that outwardly the application is somewhat remotely reminiscent of 'Fruit Ninja', then I will say that there really is a similarity, but very small. Applications are similar, perhaps, only the main idea – to cut something – and a little external design, that is, an icon. This is where the similarities end. Smash mania - a passion for smashing!  [Free] Now about the Smash mania application itself. As soon as we get to the main menu, we immediately see a lot of closed “boxes” with levels. Smash mania - a passion for smashing!  [Free] There are 8 such boxes in total, each of which contains 13 levels. Smash mania - a passion for smashing!  [Free] Each box differs from the other by its task. So in the first box, you need to cut the fruits to make a cocktail from them, and in the second you need to beat the bottles in order to fill the glass this way. No matter how different the task is, the meaning remains the same – it is necessary to take a weapon (in the first case, a knife, an ax, and so on, in the second, a cannonball) and hit the target with a sharp movement. Smash mania - a passion for smashing!  [Free] The weapon is in the upper right corner. And first you have to sort of play the lottery, what kind of weapon will get. So it is worth saying that fruits and bottles must be beaten in a certain order. There is a small icon next to the glass that needs to be filled, which indicates the desired type. There can be up to four types of targets simultaneously on the “field”. By the way, they can still be locked in boxes or with a padlock. Smash mania - a passion for smashing!  [Free] For every correct move you get points, and for every miss you lose. Your task is to score as many points as possible. It is worth saying that playing a hundred is not very convenient. Often you have to miss through no fault of your own. In the game, the system of bonuses is also disabled, and even a store where you can buy coins and unlock all levels. And then there are “upgrades” where you can improve the weapon for coins. Smash mania - a passion for smashing!  [Free] The app is interesting, but a little underdeveloped. iPhone is difficult to play, iPad is much more convenient.

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