Snailboy – Get Your Love Back

Snailboy - Get Your Love Back Hello dear readers! Today our review is devoted to an interesting, unusual and very funny game. The application for iPhone “Snailboy” will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children. The first thing that is clearly striking is its simply magical design! Yes, perhaps you cannot say otherwise. Snailboy - Get Your Love Back Very bright and saturated colors, a slightly washed-out background and a glossy effect create an absolutely stunning impression in a good sense of the word. Plus, very soft graphics and good physics add to the delight. Snailboy - Get Your Love Back As for the game itself, it begins with a small background story, made in the form of a comic book (by the way, also very well made), which introduces us to the main character – the snail Snailboy, and also says that Snailboy's collection of shells was stolen from him. Snailboy - Get Your Love Back Of course, our hero goes in search of his treasures. Snailboy - Get Your Love Back Next, the level immediately begins in which you need to collect all the green balls (I don't know what to call it differently) and get to the teleport – the door to another level. Snailboy - Get Your Love Back It is very good that the developers wrote a tutorial at the beginning of the level, otherwise how to control our hero would remain a big mystery. Snailboy - Get Your Love Back The game provides only 9 boxes with 5 levels each. Snailboy - Get Your Love Back Not much – you say. And you try to pass at least the first five. This is not an easy task, since our hero does not always understand where he needs, what he needs, and in general he stumbles upon thorns and ends up in dead ends, which is very difficult to get out of. Plus, the game is also for a while … Snailboy - Get Your Love Back By the way, do not forget to look into the store 🙂 Here you will find new costumes for Snailboy, and additional lives, and new abilities, and you can even buy these very green balls. In general, everything is at your service. Snailboy - Get Your Love Back VIDEO

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