Snapseed: unique photos in a few seconds [Free]

Snapseed: unique photos in a few seconds [Free] Snapseed is a premium photo editor for iPhone and iPad. In 2013 the app was nominated for the “App of the Year for iPad” award and for good reason, as it offers professional photo editing tools that even a beginner can master. Photo Editors are one of the most popular app categories in App Store. They allow you to highlight your creative talent and reveal your potential. Photo editors are used not only by professional photographers, but also by journalists, or simply lovers of photographic creativity. The brainchild of Google called Snapseed is designed to significantly speed up and simplify photo processing, and also allows you to quickly share the result with friends or family. Snapseed: unique photos in a few seconds [Free] Desaturate, apply a specific filter, create a retro effect, saturate certain parts of the photo with color – all this and much more Snapseed can be done in a matter of seconds with just a few taps. The interface of the application is as simple and accessible as possible, even an amateur cannot get lost in it. Unfortunately, there is no support for the Russian language, but maybe the situation will get better soon. Snapseed: unique photos in a few seconds [Free] The camera iPhone or your film can serve as a source of photos for processing. Select the photo you want to edit or modify, and then use professional tools to process them. Photo effects are grouped into groups and are available at the bottom of the screen, there are plenty of categories and enough to give your photos unique shades and highlight your creative talent. Snapseed: unique photos in a few seconds [Free] In order to master the work with photographs, the developers have integrated a training mode. Tooltips pop up for the first time after selecting a filter or tool. To quickly process photos using touch screen gestures iPhone and iPad is much more convenient (in my opinion) than doing it in a photo editor on a computer. Moreover, you can do this right on the go without the need to upload photos to your PC. Snapseed: unique photos in a few seconds [Free] In the best traditions of the genre, the result of work can be shared in an impressively large number of ways: integrated Google +, save to film, send by email, post to Twitter or Facebook, open in a third-party application, copy to the clipboard or print directly from the device (requires printer support for Air Print technology). Snapseed: unique photos in a few seconds [Free] Despite the fact that I cannot classify myself as a fan of experimenting with photographs, I was pleasantly surprised by the possibilities of the application, there are many tools, they work quickly and the result can be quickly shared in a large number of ways. Traditionally, Google distributes some of his work for free and Snapseed is no exception. Need a professional mobile photo editor, take Snapseed.

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