Soccer Physics – Tumbler soccer game

Soccer Physics - Tumbler soccer game There are a lot of football simulators in the app store App Store. There are very different: realistic, arcade and completely unusual. We will talk about one of the latter today, namely Soccer Physics, which can be played with just one finger … Soccer Physics - Tumbler soccer game Soccer Physics is a soccer simulation game that has nothing to do with the world's most popular sports game, except for the ball, goal and tumbler as soccer players. If you're hoping to find a sporty side to the game, walk by – Soccer Physics is 100% arcade. Soccer Physics - Tumbler soccer game The gameplay of the game boils down to playing the ball in the center of the field and trying at least once to clumsily kick the ball towards the opponent's goal by one of the two players on the team. The winner is the one who managed to do it before and at the right moment. Players on the field behave inappropriately, bouncing when pressing the button and sometimes imitate a blow, putting their feet forward, like a tumbler. There is nothing to do with a real sports competition, in which not only strength is important, but also strategy and endurance, in Soccer Physics. Soccer Physics - Tumbler soccer game You can play Soccer Physics alone (against artificial intelligence), or together on one device. Either only one or two buttons are provided as controls. In one-button mode, both players of the team on the field are controlled by one button, or rather how they are controlled: they jump synchronously, but at different heights and in different directions. In two-button mode, each team player is controlled by his own button. Soccer Physics - Tumbler soccer game There is no need to talk about tournaments or football leagues (albeit fictional) in Soccer Physics, there is simply nothing like this in the game – you can play either until the winning goal, or endlessly ('Endless' mode). Soccer Physics - Tumbler soccer game The linear graphics of the early 90s, primitive music in the background and the voice accompaniment of the match do not add charm, although no one promised a high-quality wrapper. Soccer Physics - Tumbler soccer game In my opinion, 75 rubles for a timekiller for 5 minutes is too expensive. Judging by the 5-star rating in App Store, the reviews are not real, but purchased, as it is now fashionable. Although one I liked: 'The world's first simulator of the Russian Football Premier League'.

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