Sony releases PlayStation App for iOS and Android

Sony releases PlayStation App for iOS and Android On the eve of the famous Japanese company Sony released the official mobile version of the PlayStation App for devices on the platform iOS and Android. The program is already available for download in online stores App Store and Google Play. The PlayStation App is similar in functionality to Valve's Steam system and is a program for the PlayStation 4 game console, which will start selling soon. It allows you to manage your PlayStation Network accounts and invite your friends to multiplayer games. The PlayStation App also has a What's New feature that lets you see what games their friends are currently playing on the PlayStation. You have access to the PlayStation Store online to purchase games and patches. There is also a chat to communicate with users. Integration with popular social services Facebook and Twitter is also announced, which will allow you to share your victories and results in games with friends on social networks. In addition, the PlayStation App can turn a smartphone or tablet into an additional screen for broadcasting gameplay on the PlayStation 4. Let me remind you that the Sony PlayStation 4 game console was officially announced in February of this year. And its sales in the USA started today. But in Russia the prefix will appear on sale on November 29 of this year.

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