SoundHound VS Shazam – a test of the musical erudite

SoundHound VS Shazam - a test of the musical polymath Which of them knows music better? Randomly, my friend and I decided to test these know-it-alls and identify the strongest. The music for the experiment was chosen as follows: 5 English-language compositions, 5 in other foreign languages, and 5 in our mighty one. Moreover, in different styles. I really like these two programs, primarily because I have no idea how they work. And there is something mysterious about it. 20 seconds of listening and the application determines the title of almost any piece of music. Reviews about them on the site just came out. I put it on SoundHound, I somehow like it more in terms of the interface. Set and … Here are the results of the battle:

SoundHound Shazam
In English
Billy squier +
Leningrad Cowboys + +
Poco +
The adventures + +
Red elvises + +
In other languages
Elakelaiset (Fin)
Ska-p (Use) + +
Pimpinela (Arg) +
Pupy & los Que Son Son (Cuba) + +
NS la Banda (Xs) +
In Russian
Chaif +
Leningrad + +
Kirkorov +
Semyon Canada +
10 9

Some conclusions. These programs have different bases. SoundHound has begun to understand Russian songs, and hopefully things will go better. Shazam is very well-versed in the domestic stage and even knows Russian chanson – the song “Gop-stop, Canada” I didn't even hope that anyone would recognize it. Otherwise, SoundHound is still stronger. Further, out of competition, the programs played very similar in music marches of Germany and the Soviet Union during the war. Nobody guessed. Author: Vadim Nefedov

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