Spark Camera – Filtered Video Editor [Free]

Spark Camera - Filtered Video Editor [Free] Throughout the existence of the AppStore, many different photo editors have appeared in it, which allow you to process the photos taken with various filters. But do not forget that your iPhone is also able to shoot a video, which would also not hurt to be transformed by processing. Of course, all this can be done on a computer, but it would be much more pleasant to do it right away on your device. Therefore, the Spark Camera program comes to our rescue, which was recognized as the best application of 2013. Spark Camera - Filtered Video Editor [Free] So, Spark Camera is a convenient video editor with a minimalistic design, made in the style of iOS 7. This program can apply various effects to your videos, and you can also use it to overlay your own soundtrack on the video. In addition, the application has the ability to glue several separate video clips, as well as cut them, removing unnecessary moments. It is worth noting that when adding an audio track to a video, you can manually select the moment in the music from which it will start playing. Spark Camera - Filtered Video Editor [Free] The entire result can be saved to the media library on your device. But the developers did not stop there. After each video creation, the program automatically uploads your video to its servers and provides a link to it, which you can send to your friends or relatives, or just watch the video on your computer. But if this option does not suit you, because you have an account on some social network, and all your friends watch videos exclusively there, then the creators of the program can offer you automatic uploading of the resulting clip directly to Twitter, Faceboook or Instagram. Spark Camera - Filtered Video Editor [Free] Therefore, if you like to shoot video clips, then Spark Camera should definitely be on iPhone, especially since it will be distributed for a whole week for free.

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