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Spender - mobile home bookkeeping There are a lot of family budget calculators App Store, but really worthwhile products can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The spender from Worms Studio is one of those. This is a simple and at the same time functional calculator, a financial calculator that allows you to fix items and the amount of income, indicate expenses and get a clear result on the effectiveness of your own budget. Spender - mobile home accounting Compared to the closest competitors in the face of CoinKeeper, Spender compares favorably with its simple interface, a minimum of graphics and only really necessary information, even a child can figure out what's what in the application window. To calculate the current financial condition or the expected state of affairs, it is enough to determine the expenditure side of the budget (determine the item and the amount of expenses) and indicate the real or possible income (also for individual items), the rest (calculations) will be taken over by the application. Spender - mobile home accounting If the articles available by default are not enough, or you would like to add some specific ones, for example, the costs of treatment or charity, this will not be a problem: you can create your own categories in just a few taps. The category manager allows you to create, rename, reorganize and delete individual items of income and expenses. For each category, you can choose your own icon from the application library and give it a different name. Spender - mobile home accounting If you have determined your income by items and you need to make changes to them, say, raise your salary, this is not a problem for the Scooper. On the screen of general statistics of financial activity, just tap on Income, select an article and make the necessary changes: amount, date, change the category and set a description. Spender - mobile home accounting As you can see, the application is very simple, but at the same time it has sufficient functionality for most users. Unfortunately, in addition to the fact that it is not distributed in App Store for free (although it costs a little, only 59 rubles), there is one significant drawback: the application does not support data synchronization with cloud storage, there is neither Dropbox nor especially iCloud. I hope this is just a temporary flaw and in the future the guys from Worms Studio will come up with something. Spender - mobile home accounting Spender is a lightweight and functional app for home bookkeeping on the go. It can be recommended to everyone who thinks that the money earned by overwork is going down the drain.

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