Springpad – Universal Memory [FREE]

Springpad - Universal Memory [FREE] Hello dear readers! Today we will talk about some alternative to the well-known Evernote – the Springpad program, which is designed to help us collect what we are interested in, from various films to various recipes. Springpad - Universal Memory [FREE] The program is quite interesting, but it has some problems, which we will talk about later. And now about the main functionality – it's collecting everything and everyone. The program has no problems with this. Everything is very simple: click on the plus sign and add what we are interested in. The program will help by suggesting a selection of different areas, such as music or movies. By clicking on a category, you will be taken to the list of things from this area, and, of course, you can choose the most top one of them. Then we make notes on what we want to do with our choice (for example, listen or watch). Springpad - Universal Memory [FREE] Springpad - Universal Memory [FREE] That's all. We can share our tagging on Twitter or Facebook. And now about the disadvantages. And the first of them, this is just an incredible tutorial that will just “annoy” you in the beginning. Well, glitches: this is the impossibility, for example, to enter the program using social networks. I don't know, maybe this is just a temporary problem, but the fact remains. Springpad - Universal Memory [FREE] Well, in the end, the program is very easy to use and does not require any skills or additional knowledge from you, with the exception, perhaps, of the ability to use social networks. I would like to say that the program, although it was conceived and positioned as an answer and alternative to Evernote, is a completely different product. And this is good. Download it, try it, the program is definitely worth it. Springpad - Universal Memory [FREE] Good luck!

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