Spyglass – navigator for the forest

Spyglass - navigator for the forest

The Spyglass application is a real “magic wand” for fans of active and even aggressive recreation, as well as “hitchhikers”, hunters, fishermen and mushroom pickers. Combines functions:

  • GPS navigator,
  • binoculars,
  • compass with a map of the area,
  • gyro-compass,
  • waypoint tracker,
  • speedometer,
  • altimeter,
  • star tracker,
  • rangefinder,
  • coordinate converter,
  • sextant,
  • angle calculator and that's not all …

Spyglass - navigator for the forest

The application uses augmented reality technology, which helps to determine your location and find your way at any time of the day and on any terrain.

It is enough to mark on the map (using the map service from Google) the starting point and the point of arrival, Spyglass will do all the navigation through the forest or other terrain for you. If for some reason you cannot reach the destination, the application will return you to the original location.

There is nothing easier than walking a certain distance (conventionally 100 meters) in a certain direction, to the north, say. Spyglass will indicate the direction and notify you when the specified distance has been traveled.

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The GPS receiver correctly determines the current location, provided there is a good signal from the satellites. The application allows you to quickly and accurately plot the travel route, help you bypass insurmountable obstacles, you definitely will not get lost.

Spyglass - navigator for the forest

The application interface is as simple as possible, after launching everything that you see on the screen of your device is a navigation disk, several small functional buttons and a picture from the main camera of the device. You can work in the application both in vertical and horizontal position of the device, you can switch between display modes: use either a real picture from a camera or a map from a satellite.

Switching between modes: turning on / off the camera, activating the map, car mode, manual orientation, gyrocompass is carried out in the menu that appears on the display by double tap in any area of ​​the screen.

Spyglass - navigator for the forest

If you know how to use navigation devices and know what azimuth is, it will not be difficult to understand how the application works. For beginners, a detailed tutorial is provided, loaded in the browser and only in English.

Personally, I really liked the application, it works correctly, quickly, provides comprehensive information about the current location, has impressive capabilities, most of which are simply irreplaceable when traveling and navigating an unknown area. Spyglass – 100% Must Have for travelers and lovers of aggressive recreation!

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