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Spymaster - spy games Really worthwhile strategies in App Store appear extremely rarely. Perhaps the fact is that serious developers do not undertake projects in this genre due to the fact that strategy lovers are spoiled and very demanding both to the quality of the gameplay and its implementation. Spymaster from PlayRaven is like a breath of fresh air! Spymaster is a turn-based spy strategy game in the best traditions of the genre. The game is attractive in everything, from the plot to the musical accompaniment. You will have to play as the head of the intelligence department during the Second World War. Serious tasks will be set before you: from the creation of secret agents in the cities of Europe captured by the Nazis, to the neutralization of enemy Gestapo agents. Spymaster - spy games At the start, 2 zero-level spies come under your command, each of them is special and has unique skills, someone manages to collect intelligence data as efficiently as possible and send it to headquarters, someone is especially easy to sabotage and recruit. You can play Spymaster only in company mode, otherwise it is not provided for obvious reasons. At first, the missions will be too easy, but as you progress, the complexity of the tasks will increase quite quickly, and you will not notice how enemy spies will appear on the playing field every now and then, hunting for the heads of your employees. Spymaster - spy games Everything is in order with the musical accompaniment in the game, the music is strictly thematic, spy. The interface further emphasizes the spy focus. If we talk about the shortcomings, it will be difficult for Russian-speaking gamers who do not know English, the game has a lot of text and English-speaking speech. Russian localization is not provided and whether it will appear in the future is still unknown. Therefore, if you do not know English, but cannot pass by a worthwhile strategy, a dictionary will help you. The game is distributed free of charge, but by tradition, in-game purchases in the form of gold bars are available in the game. Thanks to the developers for the fact that without buying ingots you can play quite comfortably for free, ingots are added for completing a mission and are needed to increase the speed of “pumping” spies. If you are patient, spending real money on a credit card is not necessary. Spymaster - spy games The game is available only on iPad, playing on a “small” screen iPhone is practically impossible, it will take all the time to move between cities on the map, you need a large playing area. Personally, I really liked the game, it has a well-developed plot, a sequence of events and actions, the game is perfectly balanced, drawn and sounds great. If you love turn-based strategy Spymaster – “Must Have”!

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