Star Walk – Guide to the Sky

Star Walk - Guide to the Sky Do you love looking at the stars? A beautiful sight, isn't it? Have you ever managed to find any constellation? It will be difficult. But, App Store has something very beautiful and useful in this case for you. The program for iPhone 'Star Walk' will help you look at our universe with completely different eyes. Star Walk - Guide to the Sky The most interesting thing in the application, in addition to the insane beauty, is the control. You just need to rotate the phone or direct it to the area of ​​the sky you are interested in, as you will see on the screen the projection of the starry sky with the most detailed accuracy. You will be able to see constellations, planets, comets, satellites and so on. The spectacle is simply mesmerizing – the designers are great fellows! Star Walk - Guide to the Sky You can also control the application using the touch function, moving the image manually. Show stars is not all the features of the application. Also, using the application, you can meteor showers, star clusters and more. The direction in which to look is indicated by a green arrow. Star Walk - Guide to the Sky So let's click on the 'menu' icon and see what's in there. Star Walk - Guide to the Sky And there are many interesting things. For example, a calendar that shows when, say, there will be the next meteorite or star shower, the state of the moon, and so on. You can even create an event so you don't miss anything. Star Walk - Guide to the Sky Next, let's take a look at today's sky. Yeah, here we find out the time of sunrise and sunset, the phase of the moon and the location of neighboring planets. Star Walk - Guide to the Sky In the gallery, you can view various images and videos related to space and stars. Star Walk - Guide to the Sky And if you click on 'communities', then a surprise awaits you – the display of the app's 'followers' on a global scale, in the literal sense. See for yourself: Star Walk - Guide to the Sky There are also some rulers on the right and left. The left one is responsible, so to speak, for color perception. Star Walk - Guide to the Sky And the right one, for the location of satellites and comets, depending on the date and time. Star Walk - Guide to the Sky If you are looking, but cannot find the constellation, satellite or planet of interest, the search located in the lower left corner will help you. Star Walk - Guide to the Sky Well, how can you not share such beauty with your friends? – right, no way, so click on the icon in the upper left corner and choose what we want to do next. Star Walk - Guide to the Sky So what do you think? Impressive, huh? – the chic design is complemented by pleasant, but mysterious music. I would like to say one thing – by running to App Store download the application!

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